Posted by: Orlick | September 1, 2009

Boat Burning Event at LI Maritime Museum – Halloween!

I have always wanted to go here — Since I heard about it late last year… Here it comes again:


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th ~ 5 pm
RAINDATE: SUNDAY, November 1st 5:00 pm

Easily one of the strangest Halloween traditions!
Join thousands who will gather on the Museum’s front lawn to witness the biggest bonfire
on the South Shore!
Join us for apple cider, snacks, magic and….. a great big fire!!

Please NO pets allowed!

…The ancient Druids had a three day celebration at the beginning of November. They believed that on the last night of October spirits of the dead roamed abroad, and they lighted bonfires to drive them away….Here, at the Long Island Maritime Museum we like celebrate our own version of these ancient rites. Instead of a real skeleton, we burn the “bones” of a boat….a boat whose “time has come.”

Official Site
Halloween, Boats & Bonfires


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