Posted by: Orlick | August 19, 2009

Staten Island Exploratory Pizza Tour

I went on an exploratory tour of Staten Island this week. The purpose to narrow down the hearsay from the truth. I had 4 speculative pizzerias for the actual Staten Island Pizza Tour, Gennaro’s, Jimmie Max, Brothers and Tony’s Brick Oven. In the end, only one made the cut.

Tonys Brick Oven

Tony's Brick Oven

Tonys Pan Pies

Tony's Pan Pies



Jimmie Max

Jimmie Max

Jimmie Max Bar Pie

Jimmie Max Bar Pie

Gennaros pizza

Gennaro's pizza

Which made the cut? Keep posted or come to the pizza tour!

Missed but not forgotten: Ciro’s & Nunzios – next pizza tour (or bonus round?!)

Complete picture set of Staten Island Exploratory Pizza Tour (117 photos)
Best Staten Island Pizza Discussion



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