Posted by: Orlick | August 14, 2009

Revello’s Pizza – Old Forge, PA

Revello’s Pizza
Category: Pizza
502 S Main St
Old Forge, PA 18518
(570) 457-9843

Old Forge must have hired a PR firm, proclaiming it the “Pizza Capital of the World.” This title is backed by the claim of having more pizzerias per capita than anywhere in the world – as well as being the subjective “Best”, of course.

And because Arturo’s is closed on Sunday’s to walk-in traffic, I went to Revello’s.

The cheese is interesting… at first I thought it was a blend of a few cheeses – some sharp, some smooth, mixing in small shards of onions which definitely piqued my interest. The way it sticks to my teeth and roof of my mouth makes me believe there is some generican American in there, BUT from all reliable resources, what makes old forge old forge is the BRICK CHEESE.

The sauce is seemingly normal, and the crust makes me wonder if they bake it on the premises. Either way, it is definitely pre-baked then topped when creating your red pizza – while waiting, I took at long peak inside the kitchen manned by high schoolers.

It’s essentially a variation of a bar pie – A hastily put together production from a bar kitchen that developed a fever for over the years. I can see the fever. It has a swell taste. It is totally unique, not necessarily great, but like a White Castle – all of the sudden a craving hits you. Plus the bar/restaurant would be a great place to have cheap, fun times with friends.

Make sure to order by the “tray”, if you say “pie” they will for sure know you’re not a native. Also, coming here gives you a chance to speak in northern drawl without people lookin at you funny (or caring if they do).

Of note is the preparation of a takeout order. After your tray is ready, they put it in open top boxes in a large fitted brown paper bag then fold up the sides and twist the edges – most likely a mandatory part of initiation for a new employee. How did they know the secret ??? Everything in a brown paper bag tastes so much better.

Old Forge is a good experience to have under your belt, but mostly if you are interested in going to Disneyland, seeing the Eiffel Tower, and looking out cracks in the Liberty Bell. It is a tourism ploy. Definitely a unique pizza, but nothing compared to a little town about 150 miles east or even some country over the Atlantic, through the Strait of Gibraltar and up a toe.



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