Posted by: Orlick | August 14, 2009

Layla Jones – Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Layla Jones
Categories: Pizza, Sandwiches
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
214 Court St
(at Warren St)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 624-2361

I can see women appreciating the red lipstick accents, the standard clean food, the familiarity of it all in a Felicity sort of way. The square pies aren’t heavy at all and theres not much grease on there. And while I am sure the regular clientèle are familiar with blotting, I would be surprised to see anyone soaking up the grease with their napkins before eating.

I can see men appreciating the way it makes their woman feel.

I do feel kind of bad giving it 3 stars – the ladies in there are so nice! But comparing it with other of my 4 star pizza joints, it just wouldn’t be right to put in the same ballpark. To me, the tightness of it all makes it feel manufactured. It doesn’t seem to me to be homemade ingredients, possibly because of the uniformity of it all. The toppings are all precisely diced, taking away each one’s individuality. I appreciate a topping’s desire to say “Look at me!” I say let it live!

I wouldn’t hesitate to come back at all. I pretty much know what I am getting here, and it’s fine by me. The staff seems to love what they are making, and that is the most important thing. For times when I don’t feel the need to have a meals that makes you pause to think what’s good about life, Layla Jones will do.


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