Posted by: Orlick | August 13, 2009

Corner Express – Hicksville, NY

Corner Express
Category: Latin American
23 Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801
originally written: 4/3/2008

A broken down house at the corner across from the train station. This seems to be run by a few beautiful ladies cooking in their exposed kitchen. How come it always feel like home when I see chicharones under a heat lamp?

There is a healthy selection of ready foods and there are many more dishes available. The menu is extensive with many items that must be native to some country, but I have no idea what it is – More research needed. Calling a place like this authentic might be an insult – I can’t imagine anyone questioning it. Prices are standard, but not a steal.

My question is, what is a bahlad?


UPDATE: more research done, it is Peruvian. The ambassador there said the Peruvians do chinese food better than the chinese. I had some noodles and it was more than respectable. There was a lady grinding pork right in front of me, so I asked for whatever she was making – they made me pork and cheese papusas right then and they were greatness.

They cook everything right in front of you. The whole setup is very cozy. There are a few tables, but none will fit more than two. I can see this growing on me.

The Peru Guide
Wiki Peruvian Cuisine
Blog about Peru and it’s food with recipes
Understanding the Peruvian Palate


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