Posted by: Orlick | August 6, 2009

I am on Twitter. Wait, why am I on Twitter?

I’ve shunned Facebook and myspace but am embracing twitter. Why? because it’s dynamic. Sometimes it takes too long to write a blog post, or I only have a little note to say. Twitter will go immediately to the public. I seriously warmed up to it from listening to Ashton Kutcher on Jimmy Kimmel – something I’m only slightly embarrassed to say.

I am not sure how involved I will get with other people’s twitter accounts. I feel a little selfish in that department. Already 2 days into it, and I have that feeling of knowing what my friends are up to but still having that wall of whether or not to talk to them. This is part of the awkwardness that I was averse to with Facebook.

I’m having trouble keeping to the 140 character limit, but I guess it’s not for long posts and that’s the game. I think it’s really interesting how it is just text, no video, no images. Pretty cool. I found Shaq’s twitter account and he is really funny. Go Shaq!

How the hell does this work? how did some guy hear me talking about pizza? What is this # business and do I just type @—– to refer to someone? All this is very interesting, and I feel I am on the verge of a flood of internet encompassing.

I’d really like that little widget on the side. Just another way to communicate all the things I’m doing surrounding eating and the city. This is kind of like my Recent Obsessions widget on the side, but this is kind of different. Just trying to add more functionality to the site.

Help me out with some terminology and how to use it. I’m in!

My twitter page
Shaq’s page
Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel


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