Posted by: Orlick | August 3, 2009

Things to do while waiting for your Di Fara pie

You’ve put your order into legendary Di Fara’s. Busted through the crowds and now your name is inside a geometric figure on the caretaker’s notebook. Now, the question is:

Do you stand there like a schmuck watching Dom DeMarco create 8,000 other pies, incessantly checking the list to see that yes, she did only cross off one rectangle on the sheet, asking for reassurance that yours is on it’s way, then coming to terms with the likelihood that your 40 minutes will probably be more like an hour and a half?

Or to you take to the streets of Midwood? Shoveling out from the tourist hand guides and lingering Brooklyn faithful, breaking into the sun and under the dingy train tracks.

Before you say “forget this”, let me describe for you first: Di Fara’s – with all the overhype and front page news of 5 dollar slices and long waits, you may be reconsidering your pilgrimage. I will add my name to the list when I tell you this: It’s worth it.
Square pie

If you choose to exit those doors, here are a few options for you to consider:

Less than a block down is a Walgreens. Now, I know it’s no Target, but time is money and you’re out of toilet paper. Run some errands at Walgreens. Time killed: 10-20 minutes.

But wait a minute, you came hungry – what a mistake! Well, a superb appetizer to pizza is, yes, pizza. Kosher this time (do not order meat toppings!). Hang out with the tefillah boys in the ‘wood at a supposed crime family’s own Pizza Time (1324 Avenue J) just a block away. It is rumored to be not terrible and immediate.

Want to delve deeper into the neighborhood pizza scene? Check out Jerusalem Pizza (1312 Avenue J) a few blocks down.

Not just pizza but a shmorgas board of edible stuff. Cheese stuffed pretzels and these blueberry cheese knishes which look really good.

Hey, you want to get haircuts?” Yeah, it’s a productive thing to do. Do a buttonhook one block west of Di Faras and you’ll find Tommy’s (1011 E 14th St). When could you not use a shape up? Just make sure to be vigilant with your newly cut hairs falling off your shoulders. You don’t want to mix that up in your cheese.

Do you have an engagement later? Maybe you’d consider picking up a babka from Isaac’s (1419 Avenue J) or some bagels from Meir’s Hemishe Bakery? Another highly acclaimed option is Ostrovitsky’s (1124 Avenue J). Pick up some challah to bring to your in-laws tomorrow morning. If that doesn’t sound like fun, you clearly aren’t a Jew.

Ostrovitsky's at 1124 Avenue J

What I thought was a gift shop turned out to be showcase of metallurgy and also a very cool bookstore. All sorts of books on child upbringing and relationships, cooking, and other things Jewish. Great place to get a gift for a Jewish friend or to learn about the culture itself. Heichel Gallery is at 1122 Ave J.

I hate it when guides like this give throwaway suggestions. No, this Heichel is a very special place. It is a surprisingly big shop with lots of interesting shop. I won’t give you BS suggestions.

Boring things are fuN? Midwood Library is up 16th street. Not far. If it’s a hot day outside, library AC is always a relief.

I’m hungry, let’s go back and get that square!

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  1. Well the city looks flooded with eateries, Me too am hungry. Wanna go and grab a bite.

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