Posted by: Orlick | July 21, 2009

Fatburger – Massapequa Park, NY

Category: Burgers
Sunrise Hwy
Massapequa Park, NY 11762
(516) 541-0055

Lots of hype, great name, I finally decided it was time to try Fatburger.

I like how the kitchen is right in front, transparent so you can see them preparing your food. The fries are okay – in the same style but a step up from Burger King, and the burger is okay the same – doesn’t seem processed, but not much flavor or juiciness. It is definitely better than most big chains and gives a more homemade feel without that partially hydrogenated coating that covers your mouth from a BK or McD meal.

Prices are not cheap at all. With a substituted shake(pretty good, I think they use french vanilla), my Fat meal (1/3 lb burger, and a not very big sack of fries) came to nearly 10 dollars.

Overall, you get a much better, comparative experience at Five Guys. And if you want a non-chain, All-American is not far away and still the greatest burger and fry stand anyone on Long Island can remember. I see no reason to return to Fatburger.

On the way here I was thinking “when does a chain begin it’s downturn? When does it go from expanding it’s reach to corporate structures, ingredient substitutions, and using CRM?” Waiting for my meal, I realized they jump the shark when other companies’ branding start popping up on their menu. Here at Fatburger, we have the newly introduced NutterButter(R) Peanut Butter Shake… sell-out.

Official Fatburger website
What is CRM?
Video comparison vs in-n-out
Jumping the shark



  1. your report was accurate – they have closed doors.
    will they reopen?

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