Posted by: Orlick | July 19, 2009

Pictures from the Colombian Independence Festival

Just a few pictures from the Colombian Independence Festival in Corona-Flushing Meadows Park

I only had time to get a quick bite. This was 6 dollars. First time I’ve had a slab of fat like this. I believe it’s another version of chicharones.

There was a tremendous amount of people there. Estimates were over 100,000. I believe it. I did not have time to see the whole thing, but from afar I saw a sea of revelers with live bands and cookouts, volleyball and soda peddling. America!



  1. Thank you for posting your pictures. I am the presidente of th Centro Civico Colombiano and would like it if you could send me any other pictures that you may have of our event. My cell number is 917 300-9397. Thank you

  2. When is the Colombian Festival this year 2010?

  3. you can see the schedule of all the latino parades and festivals here

    I don’t see the colombian festival yet though.

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