Posted by: Orlick | July 17, 2009

Sunny’s Bar – Red Hook, Brooklyn

Sunny’s Bar
Category: Bars Neighborhood: Red Hook
253 Conover St
(between Beard St & Reed St)
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 625-8211
Open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday – 8pm to 4am

No bar can compete with the experience at Sunny’s. The above is a typical night.

The unique space has at least 4 areas for drinking and revelry. The room where you walk in has bar stools and tables which are private yet in the mix. The younger people generally hang out to the front and at the tables, while the 10+ year regulars take the rear of the bar. The best way to characterize the clientèle is that they look like The Band when they had 12 members and Dylan joined in and stuff.

The second room is an abandoned kitchen with a long table to sit at and get in the way of people going to the rear music room. The adjacent outside area has benches, tables for smoking and windows to the inside so you don’t miss any action. A common theme: even the outside feels private, yet inclusive.

The back room is a pick-up game of bluegrass. It is the guarded jewel of Red Hook’s wharf. Inside are mostly musicians, and when the area gets popular enough everyone in the back room is playing an instrument of some sorts. Last time I went, a man was playing the aluminum can with a fly swatter – he was pretty good at it too! Here, they play for themselves and I’m sure they’d be happy for you to join in too.

On a fortunate night, you may be witness to a party boat docking, with clusters of tuxedos and beautiful dresses floating inside Sunny’s. You are truly transported back, with a juxtoposition of the golden age.

Have I said too much? Is the secret out? The trek to Sunny’s is a filter for their patronage. I would not recommend the fearful walking from the distant subway, east of Van Brunt can get a little too quiet… It’s out of the way and will always be more neighborhood than tourist. I don’t see velvet ropes blocking the entrance anytime soon.

One of my favorite bars in history. See you again, Sunny.

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Yelp Reviews


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