Posted by: Orlick | July 3, 2009

The 5-Boro Pizza Tour – Starts July 26th

Jeffrey Tastes of presents:
The 5-Boro NYC Pizza Tour

The 5-Boro Pizza Tour starts Sunday, July 26th. It will continue for 4 Sundays this summer, each Sunday touring a different borough.

We will sample a slice or 2 from each shop, ordering by the pie. Extensive research, networking and legwork has been done to find some of best and most intriguing pizza in NYC. Each tour will have a variety of styles and will last at least a few hours. Expect to make some new friends.

This is an ambitious tour, one not for the general public. But I am sure we can find enough freaks in this city of 10 million to satisfy a proper pizza eating group. This is not meant to be a feat of strength, we leave that to AYCE and IFOCE. This is a tour de pizza. Many of the places I haven’t been to (Staten Island), and I would be surprised if anyone has eaten at all of the pizzerias mentioned, even all the pizzas for one of the boroughs.


Self-discovery questions will be answered. Do you prefer a dollops or a spread of cheese? Are you NYC or Naples style? Which types of ovens do you prefer? Brick, Coal, Metal? And does it matter? What does cost bring?

I expect some pizzerias won’t be top-tier, and some will exceedingly surprise. I encourage attendees to bring their own comparison systems, if any, as it would be interesting to trade notes on grading. Myself, I don’t care to rank Bests. But that does not mean you shouldn’t. I think every place has their own merits and every place is special in their own way. That being said, this is an open-to-interpretation tour, there are no rules.

If you are interested, send me your name and location. I am aiming for groups in multiples of 8. Let me know if you would like to be a driver. Everyone who wants to come will most likely attend, but numbers may be capped if things get unruly. Send me a message to be put on the list. I will send confirmations.
– Drivers will pay nothing or a reduced rate, and will abstain from drinking alcohol during the tour and cell phone talking while driving.
– Those who attend prior tours will get preference for later tours.
– We may meet at the first pizzeria or driving arrangements will be made accessible if there are multiple people coming from the same area.


We are starting off with Queens. And I promise you, at least one will blow you away. If you miss the tour, I strongly encourage you to try the places you’ve never heard of. We will then head to Brooklyn in the near weeks afterwards, followed by Staten Island, the Bronx and finally Manhattan.

5-Boro Pizza Tour Map

The selections for the subsequent boroughs are not set yet. We will discuss at the tours and expand and narrow them down. Check out the map and tell me your two cents.

To kick off, the Queens tour is as follows:
Rose & Joes in Astoria
John’s Pizzeria in Elmhurst
Amore Pizzeria in Flushing
Nicks in Forest Hills
New Park Pizza in Howard Beach

Who’s in?
try JeffSayYes (at) gmail dot com or Leave a comment with your email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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