Posted by: Orlick | July 3, 2009

Grimaldi’s – Brooklyn, NY

Category: Pizza
19 Old Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 858-4300

Nah, fuck it. I’m panning it. I love pizza as much as anyone. I understand artisan ways, Brooklyn and NYC styles, the best fresh ingredients, coal burned ovens, and Grimaldis – and I am not convinced.

If you are used to Sbarros, Marios, or other mall pizza, you may have found the greatest pizza on earth. But if you are constantly exploring and searching for the actual greatest pizza on earth, if you are willing to travel to other countries to try that elusive slice, then I am sure you can find better. Find better.

I prefer to keep tourists confined to limited spaces, so if you are visiting with a fanny pack, I strongly encourage you to continue visiting the statue of liberty, the MoMA, Times Square, see a Broadway show, and also to wait in line at Grimaldi’s.

Official Site
Lots of people love Grimaldi’s and lots of people don’t
Slice Review on Serious Eats
Yelp Reviews
Roadfood Reviews
Flickr Pictures


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