Posted by: Orlick | July 2, 2009

Hotel Delmano – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Hotel Delmano
Category: Lounges
Neighborhood: Williamsburg – North Side
82 Berry St
(between 8th St & 9th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-1945
Written: 3/4/2008

Delmano is leading the way for Williamsburg to mature into a strapping young neighborhood.

The taste of decor is impeccable. This surmounting all of my bar room fantasies. I only realize now how self-absorbed I am because it makes me sad as I could never create a bar that has as many great touches as the hidden Hotel.

They fulfill every check mark I look for in a bar, and then they unleash their hammers which blow away those check marks.

Coat hooks under the bar – check

Bartenders dressed with respect to the customer – check

– Clientelle and staff I want to eff – check

Tin Ceilings – The ceiling is a painted sky scene in one room and some other tin-like (if not tin) material in the other rooms. The ceilings are 15 feet high at minimum with beautiful crown moldings. That destroys the check.

– Drinks – Great list of drinks. Each one is a great mathematical equation. I like to take a sip and count. As the numbers go higher, the different feelings go through my mouth and body. Each sip deserves at least 8 seconds.

: Lighting is nearly perfect. The paintings are not repros. It’s like they are not trying to relive any past fantasies – they have created a functional and an utterly satisfying space that will be adored at any era. Is Howard Roarke non-fiction?

Prices – I’m not coming here to get wasted. If I was, I would go down the block and get beer in styrofoam. This is the rare occasion I’m okay with 10-14 dollar cocktails.

: The tables are a bit small, but are made out of a beautiful white stone with perfect imperfections. Although seemingly an awkward shape, the couches are surprisingly comfortable. The wood floors know what they are, seem so happy to compliment the rest of the building.

What makes me shake my head in awe of coolness is the front door. It’s closed from Berry storefront. Gates. Only when you come around to N9th will you find your way in. Very tricky, Delmano… See you under the streetlamp.

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