Posted by: Orlick | June 27, 2009

Lucali – Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

Category: Pizza
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
575 Henry Street
(between Carroll St & Summit St)
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 858-4086
Originally written: 2/24/2008

Clearly a great pizza and an equally great experience. Romantic mood, not only the dim lighting, the intimate staff, the small tables lit by one small candle, but also the process of hands moving 20 feet away from you in the open air, creating a pie specially for you. I can see the artists’ hands creating your circle. They are masseuses for taste buds in waiting. The payoff comes first to my smell, soon after my taste.

It is obvious the love they put into their food. Very likely reinforced by the closeness of the entire experience; diners and cooks sharing the 50×25 space. I love the transparency and the togetherness this creates.

In creating a metaphor relative to a pizza pie, it’s not a circle that goes from restaurateur to patron and back around, it’s the insides, the centers of a Lucali pie; we are a mix of ingredients together in the same space, overlapping, emphasizing each other’s uniqueness; creators, consumers, purveyors, all coexisting in a warm slop of sensual goodness.

Pizza tour from an Angel
Lucali video
Review from City212
Gastrochic’s review
Pictures on Flickr


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