Posted by: Orlick | June 25, 2009

New Maxwell Street Market – Chicago, IL

New Maxwell Street Market
Categories: Food, Shopping
Neighborhood: University Village
548 W Roosevelt Rd
(between Canal St & Clinton St)
Chicago, IL 60607

Calling it authentic Mexican food demeans it. This is life. You are the immigrant now. Going to the Maxwell Street Market was a turning point in my food adventure career. I used to go on adventures of mass quantities or extreme themes, but this was the first time I really became immersed in a culture.

Aside from food, the inspiration flows generously. There are so many fun finds here as well as essentials. On my last trip, I went in to get some guac and then found a non-working carburetor that would have made an amazing art piece – too bad the man was selling it for the price of a carburetor, not an art piece.

No one does anything on Sunday. Do something.

Wikipedia Maxwell Street
Documentary on Maxwell Street
Video of the Gorilla Gourmet on Maxwell St
Lots of pictures from nevets on flickr


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