Posted by: Orlick | May 5, 2009

May Food Group – Soju or Sangria?

This month’s food group will take place on Sunday, May 17th at 6:15pm.

Where? Good question.
Fiesta Mexicana – Recently re=opened = On the corner of Roosevelt Ave and 75th St
El Anzuelo Fino – Peruvian 86-01 Northern Blvd.
Haewoondae – Korean BBQ on Bway

Early results show Fiesta Mexicana or Korean BBQ leading the way, but it is still too early to call. If you are interested, let me know your preference through a comment here or on the JHlife website.

If you need some help deciding, here are some pages to look at:
Yelp reviews of Haewoondae
Chowhound on Hae Woon Dae
Fiesta? Not much info on the place. It recently reopened after a year-long hiatus. Don’t let that discourage you! sounds like an adventure to me.

Thread on JHLIFE



  1. Fiesta Mexicana sounds like a gamble as to Haewoondae is more of a secured win.

    Personally I’m interested in El Anzuelo Fino since I’ve never tried an authentic Peruvian food. But from what I read it’s not good for groups. So I guess I’ll try this place out on my own some other time.

    Being a Korean myself, I’ve been to Haewoondae several time personally and I can pledge its authenticity and the quality of food.

    As for Fiesta Mexicana, they’ve just reopened and that probably means things are still a bit shaky, but that also means they’ll might put extra efforts to attract customers. Perhaps an extra plate of desserts? Who knows.

    Secure quality over blind adventure. Alas, my vote goes to Haewoondae.

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