Posted by: Orlick | May 5, 2009

March Food Group Wrap-up and Musings

The March Food Group at New Broadway Seafood Restaurant was a blazing success. We had a record 12 people, packing to the gills a large table. I was getting worried one more would show up and we’d get squished, but no, James Beard was looking over us and everything worked out fine.

Half the group was completely new, hearing about it through this website, yelp, and It was a great mix and everyone seemed to enjoy the food, but the company was the best part.

The reviews on Yelp weren’t that great, as I (again) seemed to like it the most (re: casa colombia).

This group is starting to develop and I am getting some great feedback from the people who come. It has become apparent that the group is NOT about eating the best food on earth. This was especially realized after Grande Estrella where the food was decidedly poor but we all had a great time. It took that experience for us to realize that the group is about meeting new people who are passionate about their neighborhood and exploring the places around us.

It seems there is definitely a need for people meeting people, and surprisingly it is not just Jackson Heights. Everywhere in NYC I hear about trouble meeting friends. I think the NYC lifestyle makes everyone too busy to meet friends organically. Even meeting and getting together with friends becomes a scheduled activity. For me, this takes the fun and integrity out of a friendship. Surprise – Most people are lonely here. You are not alone. The great thing about NYC is that there are so many people that you can nearly guarantee that if you have a certain feeling, there are plenty of others who feel the same way. This makes it easy to make your community organizing dreams come true.

People have also been suggesting me making money off this group. Well, I can assure you I will never aim to make money from the Jackson Heights Food Group. I will never spam email or advertise. Everything I post is real and meant to inspire you to live, eat and enjoy yourself. Possibly other groups will be lucrative, but not this one. I have flexible days and maybe I can do a lunch group for an extra income. It’s been done before. Some people charge a membership fee for knowing about the events. Some charge at the event. I am always very skeptical about taking people’s money, but who can put a price on happiness? And if I can help then maybe I should try to make something out of it. I was thinking of franchising it, maybe starting a group in Astoria too, but that may spread my weekends out too thin and I wouldn’t have time to spend with my friends and family – which would take the fun out of the Food Group – making it a chore. I’d like to pass on the group so I don’t have to go every month and it will be self-regulated , like the communist dream of the leader stepping down when things are working out fine. We’ll see what happens. I love the group and think everyone who has come is so interesting in their own way. Another surprise – everyone has something to offer!


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