Posted by: Orlick | April 20, 2009

New Park Pizza – Howard Beach, NY

New Park Pizzeria
Category: Pizza
Neighborhood: Queens/Lindenwood
15671 Crossbay Blvd
Howard Beach, NY 11414
(718) 641-3082

Every time I see the sign for Cross Bay Boulevard on the Belt I get the urge. Less than a mile from the exit, it’s barely out of the way of anything Queens southshore. And one of the best aspects of New Park – rarely any wait for what many consider the best pizza in the city. Many take out but it’s better on the splinter wood picnic tables immediately inside. But for more sophisticated dining, you can hustle around the back to even more seating and do your business with the proper Howard Beach folk.

The sweet sauce, fluffy, smoked crust and tables mix together to create a classic and near perfect pizza experience. The slices overflow a paper plate and on a cold day the burnt insides of your mouth with the charred crust flavor linger is great unique NY pizza sensation.

I can’t imagine a time where I am not in the mood for New Park pizza. My eyes are metal and that huge sign is the magnet. The accident rate must be high in this quarter mile radius.

Official Site
Slice covers it terribly, but the commenters defend NPP with honor.
Feisty Foodie barely likes it either, but commenters came to it’s rescue again.
Gothamist gives NP it’s due.
East coast Best Pizza on PizzaTherapy
Howard Beach Forum on the 50th anniversary of New Park Pizza



  1. I wouldn’t say I barely like it – I think it’s just inconsistent. If it were the same every time I ordered it – the same as the best time I’ve had it – then I would like it quite a bit as my local pizza place. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case.

    Of course, as I mentioned in the post, my boyfriend lives nearby and eats it probably once a week or more, and in his experience, it’s been more often good than not. Although he also grew up with it, so it has definitely shaped his idea of what good pizza is as well.

    Thanks for the link-love!

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