Posted by: Orlick | April 14, 2009

Foreign Words for “White Boy”

It’s important to know when people are talking about you. Here are some words people use to describe white people or Americans.

Japanese – Gaigen
Chinese- gweiloh, lao-wai, Wai Guo Ren, Yung Gwai
Mexican – gringo
Jews – gentile, goyim
Hawaii – haulee
Thai – Farang or Falang
Greek – Malaka
Hindi – Gora, chikna
Costa Rica – machita

Got any more?

Stuff white people like (cultures)
Yelp discussion
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  1. The expression “gringo” is used by most of Latin America, not just Mexicans. Has anyone ever referred to you as “guero”? Mexican’s will use this to describe white, blond, blue eyed people, but it’s become very popular to describe pretty much anyone with white skin color. I’d say you qualify as a guerito. LOL!

  2. “Lem Blanc” its french for white boy!

  3. Korean – Beg In, Heen Doong Ee

  4. Odar in Armenian is their equivalent to Gentile.

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