Posted by: Orlick | April 14, 2009

April Food Group – Dim Sum Saturday at 11:59

Well, it was close. The April food group will be on
Saturday, April 18th at 11.59am
at New Broadway Seafood
8317 Broadway
Elmhurst, NY 11373


— I didn’t realize that the 18th was a saturday , but since we have gone this far, let’s just go with it! so who’s in?

The menu seems very interesting…. They have a few things I’ve never heard of. For example: Rusts… what the heck are rusts? We will find out.

Yelp Review
Jackson Heights Life Discussion
Urban Spoon Review



  1. Just when I was thinking of at least occasionally shifting my carbohydrate day half-of-a-day earlier (sundown Sunday to sundown Monday), in part to allow me to eat bready and sweet stuff with the Jackson Heights Food Group, you pull this! Saturday?! I will probably have to declare a Post-Passover Shabbat Celebration of Leavened Breadstuff (PPSCLB) on Saturday just to allow me to eat dim sum. You’re a slick one, Jeffo.

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