Posted by: Orlick | March 2, 2009

Buitoni Pasta – Green liquid complaint

Wrote this to Buitoni Customer Service tonight:

I had a disturbing sight today. After I put my onions and garlic into the pot, I saw a green liquid on the counter. Checking through my veggies and other parts, I couldn’t quite find where this was coming from. The thought of something of this color in my food is frightening! I considered throwing the mix away, until I found the source. As it stands, when the rear label of the 9oz fettucini bag becomes wet, the coloring loosens and bleeds. Luckily for me, this green was not mold from my ingredients themselves.

Although I overcooked the pasta, it did taste much better than the non-refrigerated brands out there. And without this small scare, it was a great meal. Just letting you know of this potential mishap in packaging, and begging you to at least think about it.
Jeff Orlick

update: Haven’t heard back from Empire Kosher yet.

Buitoni Official Website



  1. i had a problem with buitoni that was much worse. i bought fresh linguine a few years back from them and when i opened the package it reeked of feces. needless to say i did not eat it and sent them a letter which they responded back with a horde of coupons that i trashed. not worth getting free fecal pasta.

  2. […] BUITONI response Re: Green Liquid Complaint […]

  3. I’m not sure why you were having packaged food when you are literally a step away from a freshly cooked meal from your apartment.

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