Posted by: Orlick | February 26, 2009

JJ Chan’s Garden – Website Proves Legitimacy

I love misspellings on menus. It proves to me how genuine a place is and uninterested in assimilating with the American culture.

I was just recommended this Chinese restaurant in East Elmhurst: JJ Chan’s Garden on 31st ave. It had good reviews on yelp, but as I dug deeper in their website, I was hit by a plethora of charming mistakes.

A sampling of their website:
Dinning In
Dim Sim
Free Delivery by Car
— Do we really need to be told about the car??

Such bad spelling. Check out this sentence: A healthfull & colorfull mixture of snow peas black mushrooms dued bean curd eggplant carrois baby com & zucchini
…cast their votes either at hte restaurat or at .
That’s the end of the sentence. It’s like they don’t even care!

Just about every page reveals another grammatical or spelling mistake. Tons of little easter eggs for a menu hound like myself. What can you find?

JJ Chan Website



  1. Wow- you brought their website down! The site is now “Under Construction.” They must be busy fixing up those typos.

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