Posted by: Orlick | February 10, 2009

Letter to Empire Turkey – We had no neck this Thanksgiving.

Empire Kosher Consumer Affairs
RR 5 Box 228
Mifflintown, Pa. 17059-0985

Dear Empire Turkey Consumer Affairs:

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with this year’s turkey at my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and the best meal my mother cooks the entire year. For anyone who has had to courage to try, they know that the neck is the most flavorful part of the turkey. I used to have it all for myself until I let the secret out to my father, now we have to share. Well, there was no sharing this year because there was NO NECK in our Empire Young Turkey package.

I hope this is not the end of turkey necks for your Empire Turkeys. My family are loyal Empire fans, every Thanksgiving and Passover my mother spends “top dollar” on yours instead of the 29 cent turkeys at the supermarket. I find it unthinkable that my mother would spend close to 10x the price of a turkey just for a brand, but it has always been worth it. Empire has always been the best. If you start removing tochus’s I will consider a public boycott.

Please consider this letter and consider printing explicitly NO NECK on the packaging if you plan to continue this practice.


Jeff Orlick of the Orlick Family


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