Posted by: Orlick | February 9, 2009

February Food Group Musings

This month in the Jackson Heights Food Group, we are going South American again. I put out a few choices to the crew at and we’ve been deliberating on it for the past week.
Some of the possibilities for this month are:
Casa Colombia
La Fusta – Argentinian Steakhouse
El Anzuelo Fino – Peruvian
Punto Fijo – Peruvian

This weekend, I did some research to help narrow it down.

First of all, all of these would be great places to go with a date or good friends. The Peruvian places stood out the most for me. They specialize in seafood, especially ceviche. plus they have roast chicken and plenty of other specialities. Plus, pretty reasonable pricing.

Between Anzuello Fino and Punta Fija… I would say Anzuello. It’s a little closer to the heart of the heights (but does that really matter for the sake of food?), it’s brighter, and it seems a bit more respectable – plus a bigger menu. I found this place because I met some peruvians in terrazza cafe and they raved about it. I would liken this to our experience at hornado ecuatoriano – but with less of a depressing atmosphere (those neon lights).

Casa Colombia seemed like a good experience of food. The prices are higher than the peruvians, but you are pretty much guaranteed to be stuffed by the end. They have a good amount of space, but I think mostly booths. I believe they are open 24 hours. Pretty respectable for colombian food – I’ll say that.

La Fusta – definitely has some character. It’s like an old NY steakhouse. would be about 30pp. I was interested in this originally because I thought they served all grass fed beef – but that’s not true, only one steak is grass fed. – This got me interested in the butchers on 37th…. another thread… BUT, I like how it’s old men working in the kitchen. seems like they know what they are doing and are serious about it. Again, great place to go with someone special.

And, when the weather gets warmer, we HAVE to go into Corona. Corona is awesome. lots of fun and totally another world.

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