Posted by: Orlick | January 31, 2009

Walter’s Hot Dog Stand – Mamaroneck, NY

Walters Hot Dog Stand
Categories: Hot Dogs, Food Stands
937 Palmer Ave
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

You can get your dog with:
-Their special mustard, with relish mixed in
-Regular mustard

You cannot beat Walter’s. Even in it’s imperfections, it is perfect. There are no tourist attractions in Mamaroneck, the stand is not off a main highway, yet there is a line 30 people deep. Walter’s is the destination for hundreds and hundreds of people every day. What a testament!

They have a little park beside it in a valley. Plenty of tables and grass. I feel like I am at a highway rest stop.

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  1. I just don’t get the excitement over this place. I went WAY out of my way to visit this crap hole. The pagoda-like building is super interesting, but the hot dogs are pretty lousy. You stand in line for the longest time, and even once you get to the front, you wait for your order for an inordinate amount of time. The place absolutely blows. Any hot dog, almost anywhere is superior to this place. Frankly, I think any of you who rave about these hot dogs have simply never had a decent hot dog. The place is shit. I’d never bother to return.

  2. Rick,like you I have had great hot dogs from many diffrent places. But,unlike you I know a great hot dog when I eat one. Where else are you going to get a dog split down the middle served on a toasted bun and with with walters seacret sauce? Walters is a traddition a place full of memories for many West Chester residents. Mayve you should just stay where you are and continue to eat inferior food. Walters have been around for a very,very long time I’m sure they will just fine with out you. I had the pleasure to work for Walters many years ago and not only do they serve great food but they’re a great family too.

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