Posted by: Orlick | January 29, 2009

Phil’s Pizza – Massapequa, NY

Phil’s Pizza
Categories: Pizza, Italian
820 Hicksville Rd
Massapequa, NY 11758
(516) 799-4950

I have never seen a selection of amazing looking specialty pizzas like this in my life! Trying to pick one out, I scanned through 5 columns, 5 pizzas high of all kinds of pizza – each looking fresh, different and inviting.

They do every pizza right, with no detail lost on each pie. The bulk of their care is put into what goes on top of the pizzas. While the crust leaves something to be desired, the cheeses, tomato sauce, and toppings are all top 5 all-time.

There is a large dining room of tables and booths. The ambiance is conducive for eating and chilling with pizza parlor fountain sodas. Not too bright or too dark, my eyes neither get tired or strained keeping an eye on what everyone else is eating.

My brother said “I’ll go back here, that’s a good test for if a place is good or not.” Word, bro.

Official Site


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