Posted by: Orlick | January 14, 2009

JH Food Group Change – January LUNCH BUFFET at Delhi Heights

In order to pay tribute to the Gods of Little India, plans have now been changed so we will now enjoy a LUNCH BUFFET at Delhi Heights in Jackson Heights. I went today and selection looks carefully put together with plenty of options. The manager seemed very interested in having a group especially if we can tell our friends. I don’t think business has been that great yet, so maybe we will lay the hammer down good or not so good. Either way, it seems quite a few people are interested in the new buffet so let’s see what happens

SUNDAY, JANUARY 25th, 1:11pm
Delhi Heights,
3766 74th St (at 37th Rd – not 37th Ave)

Send me a message if you are interested.



  1. It sounds interesting. I may attend, but I am leaving for vacation the next day, so much depends on how much packing I accomplish, and how stressed out I am

  2. So is the delhi heights trip occurring? Is there any way I can find out who is coming and how many people?
    Please contact me at BOTTOMZUP99LG@YAHOO.

  3. What’s the 411 on this place? I might drag my meat lovin hubby out here. 🙂

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