Posted by: Orlick | December 16, 2008

December Food Group Event Recap – Chao Thai

I am very happy with how this month’s meeting went. We had more people than ever before – with 4 new people who haven’t been to a meeting. I’m also happy with exposing people to perhaps new area of the neighborhood or a new cuisine or a new restaurant or a few new dishes. One of the reasons for starting this group was to see a big sampling of food from a restaurant – and we definitely got that!
From one member’s memory: Tom yum soup, sweet and sour ribs, chili beef, beef larb, crispy duck salad with mango, chicken curry, Chinese broccoli, seafood papaya salad, and coconut ice cream and sticky rice with corn and coconut juice for dessert.

It looks like Chao Thai had mixed reviews from us. I wasn’t impressed with most dishes except the crispy duck salad, tom yum soup and sticky rice dessert. My feelings stem from what I think is them trying to hard to please us with their cooking. When they waver their style and degree of spice for each customer based on visible perception, things get confusing and it shows. I am learning to be less concerned with “authentic” and more with skilled cooking and integrity. Who am I to decide what’s authentic anyway? And even American, what is authentic U.S.? Does it matter? It matter’s who is the best! Cook the same way every time and people who want it will come from word of mouth. And if it’s good, there will be plenty of people coming. Who wants to be the appeasing applebees?

Meeting at 5.25pm worked out well. When we came, we had a lot of attention, and by the end it was packed and I think a few of us were feeling a bit guilty because they started turning people away. So we left, and because it was an abnormally warm night, all but one walked home from elmhurst to mainly Jackson Heights proper.

Next month is Indian/Pakistani/Bagladeshi.

If you are interested, send over a message!

Judy K’s Review of Chao Thai



  1. My pictures of the event can be found in the following Facebook photo album: . They begin with image number twenty-four.

  2. Tried this place the other day with my hubby. I have to say I had a hard time with the food here. Flavors were too strong for me. I didn’t enjoy it at all. Hubby did like his Penang curry ( he usually loves it) and seafood noodle thingy but I couldn’t get over the really ultra strong curry smell. It kept reminding me of crayola crayons for some reason. I usually enjoy curry. Maybe I just prefer the basterized american version. Again, this place was rough for me.

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