Posted by: Orlick | December 12, 2008

New Thai in Thaitown – Ayada – My New Favorite

New Thai restaurant opened in Elmhurst a couple of weeks ago, Ayada on Woodside Ave. This location is more out of the way and less obvious than its just-off-Broadway brethren.

I won’t make the claim Best Thai in NYC, but I will say that it is my favorite Thai restuarant I’ve ever been to. Just as the management are still tinkering with the selections, I am still figuring out for the depths of this menu. My ambassador to Ayada explained to me that many items are considered comfort foods to Thai people and many of which cannot be found elsewhere in the area. I was also impressed by the fact that they are not even humoring the idea of catering to foreigner’s(American) tastes. They are making it in the Thai style, and expect Westerners to adapt to them. I love this integrity.

There is a grocery store across the street.

For years, they have been offering cold takeout of Thai food. I’ve read good things about it and wondered how good it must be. I had dreams of them opening up a saucepan behind the counter reheating the food. No need now, the owners of Ally’s are the ones opening up Ayada.

To me, this beats the pants off any Thai restaurant I’ve been to. Down Nusura, down Chao Thai, down Zabb2x, down Sriprapai. It combines excellent cooking with absolutely perfect decor and a warm, friendly staff. Since I moved here, I’ve been looking for a singular place to delve into the Thai cuisine, where I could get to know the staff and be a regular customer. Barring events unforeseen, this is it for me. This is IT.

Review coming soon…

Category: Thai
Neighborhood: Queens/Elmhurst
77-08 Woodside Ave
New York, NY 11373
(718) 424-0844


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