Posted by: Orlick | December 8, 2008

Deli Masters – Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY

Deli Masters Kosher Delicatessen
Categories: Delis, Kosher
Neighborhood: Queens/Fresh Meadows
18402 Horace Harding Expressway
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
(718) 353-3030

Cheaper, but not better than Katz’s.

A sandwich with one meat will cost you 9 dollars. 3 meats for 12.50. Reading the list of 3 meat sands will make the sides of your mouth water. What salami, corned beef, pastrami, brisket, chopped liver, and tongue how many combinations can you come up with? Math question.

The pastrami is fatty, greasy, and full of goodness. The rye bread is soft and sweet and the condiments seem to implore you to apply yourself.. hm.

Deli Masters gives you everything you’d expect from a fine example of a Kosher deli. Take Grandpa, but don’t let him see the prices. OY! – 1.75 for a can of soda?!

From the website:

For 54 years we’ve prized ourselves on the three aspects that we believe are the most important in satisfying our customers. The first is providing the best possible quality foods at a reasonable price. The second is providing the greatest service from our waitresses to our counterpersons, and knowing that Jonathan (the owner) is always around to help even chat about anything from deli to current events is comforting to all of our regular customers. The third, and probably the most important is treating all of our customers like family (nothing more, nothing less).
These are just some of the values that have made us the oldest and best deli around, and a landmark in the neighborhood.

Pretty cool.

Official Site
Yelp Reviews


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