Posted by: Orlick | December 5, 2008

Souper Fry – Merrick, Long Island, NY

Souper Fry
Categories: Fast Food, Sandwiches
1762 Merrick Ave
Merrick, NY 11566
(516) 442-1330

Souper Fry is the place people remember as kids. I can see the memories those Calhoun students are destined for… Hanging out at Souper Fry having the greatest french fries they can remember every day after school.

I couldnt help but wonder “Will these kids every really appreciate how good the food is?” The fries: are amazing. Crispy fresh cut and creamy in the middle. There are around 30 dipping sauces to choose from; I wish I lived across the street so I could try them all.

They label themselves “Where Gourmet Meets the Streets.” An accurate portrayal. These Calhoun kids are treated like princes and princesses, provided with remoulade, basil, aioli, wasabi and other dipping sauces, plus high level soups and pressed sandwiches.

Souper Fry defines what I look for in my quest for authentic food: fresh ingredients, homemade, organic popularity and owned by locals. Stick around.

Official Myspace Page


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