Posted by: Orlick | December 5, 2008

December Food Group – Thai in Elmhurst

Planning this month’s meeting of the Jackson Heights Food Group as you are reading this.

Here’s what I’m thinking…
Sunday early or late afternoon…
Chao Thai – very highly regarded in the post-sriprapai era
smallish though. 12 people would be max, but do we even have enough people for that yet?

Boon Chu – solid place. english friendly. cool looking – its on broadway, green restaurant where the wall to the street is completely glass. I have liked everything I’ve ordered from there so far.

and finally, a new restaurant. which according to schedule will have just opened up by the time we have the meeting
XXXXXX – on XXrd ave and approx XXth st. Very nice interior. It is new, so that’s exciting, but there are a few drawbacks in my opinion: new places may not have their act together. and also, this is not in Elmhurst chinatown which I wanted people to get a taste of when traveling to the place.

I think we should go not at prime supper time so we can have a more intimate experience with the staff and also because these places are not that big. I also expect more people to want to experience the Thai at these places.

so that’s what I’m thinking…
as for the date: 14th, 21st or 28th… up for discussion as always.
and we will definitely do more thai in the future. there are too many good places to pass up.

Discussion at

If you are interested or have any thoughts, please send me a message.


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