Posted by: Orlick | November 30, 2008

No Taste of Chinatown, Instead: SEE Chinatown

SEE Chinatown – Shop, Eat, & Explore
December 1, 2008 – February 8, 2009

From the official site:

Inspired by the hugely successful food festival, Taste of Chinatown, which draws over 150,000 food lovers to the serpentine streets around Mott Street, SEE Chinatown – Shop, Eat, & Explore will broaden a one-day event, hosted by Chinatown Partnership LDC, to an extended promotion of the downtown community. The holiday campaign kicks off December 1st to coincide with the holiday season and concluding mid February – Lunar New Year.

I loved the events in years past. I can’t help but wonder if this was planned or was seen as a salvage. How many people will want to come to an event that lasts 2 months? Doesn’t seem that special to me. The participating shops offer discounts with their products, but how much can they offer for 2 months? 20 percent off? Not that special – that’s the same I would get in a newspaper ad. Special dishes or tastes? That could be interesting. I wonder what they will offer.

Official Site
Article from PR Week

Participating Eateries:
Aji Ichiban
37 Mott Street

Fay Da Bakery
83 Mott Street

Fried Dumplings
106 Mosco Street

Buddha Bodai
Vegetarian Restaurant
5 Mott Street

Egg Custard King
76 Mott Street

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
65 Bayard Street

Amazing 66 Restaurant
66 Mott Street

A Chau Deli
(Vietnamese Bakery)
82A Mulberry Street

Chanoodle Express
39 Mulberry Street

Lung Moon Bakery
83 Mulberry Street

Doyers Vietnamese
11 Doyers Street

Mandarin Court
61 Mott Street

Big Wong King
67 Mott Street



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  2. It’s a shame that they don’t have the street fair styled Taste of Chinatown anymore. I remember waiting an hour just to get the cheap Peaking duck bone!

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