Posted by: Orlick | November 29, 2008

The Ale House – Binghamton, NY

The Ale House
3744 Vestal Pkwy E
Vestal, NY 13850
(607) 729-9053

People were always talking about The Ale House while I was in college. This was the place where the SA went to drink and talk about other dorks in school. They have 30 beers on tap, yeah yeah yeah. I couldn’t care less. If you do care, send a comment this way.

The patrons are bland and the “famous” crackers and cheese sucks. It’s a joke. Table crackers with slices of cheese and chopped raw onions with hot mustard dining hall sauce. 5.95. Yeah, it’s famous for being a six dollar basket of crap.

There is no fryer – that means no wings, no fries.
And for me…No reason to come back.

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  1. What you say about the “famous crackers and cheese” is true, however they do make a decent pizza.

    But you’re missing the point; the place is called “The Ale House” and their slogan is “The Beer Joint of Your Dreams”. Do you see where I’m going with this? Hint: you go there to drink fantastic beer, not eat greasy bar food.

    If their name was “The Amazing Food House” and their slogan was “The Best Food You’ve Ever Had In Your Entire Life” your critique might have a little more bearing on what they’re all about.

    Anyways, The Ale House is about the only place in the Binghamton area that serves craft beers. While it might not be the beer joint of my dreams I think it comes pretty darn close.

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