Posted by: Orlick | November 28, 2008

Malaysia Beef Jerky – Manhattan Chinatown, NY

Malaysia Beef Jerky
95A Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10079
Phone: yeah, right
Category: Meat Shops
Neighborhood: Manhattan/Little Italy/Chinatown

Oh yeah! The Natives have nothing on Malaysians. I bet they sell other things there… There must be some hidden secrets of Malaysia Beef Jerky. I need a guide. How do I order off the menu?

No pictures

"No pictures"

Here is a photo of the visibly apparent selections. It’s basically different combinations of spicy jerky or jerky pork, chicken, beef and possibly shrimp. For more precise ordering, the chewy varieties are called slice and the softer ones are gan.

The tastes don’t seem to have as much range as the names. Rest assured, they are all delicious. Like someone else’s fries, there’s always room for jerky.



  1. Oh My God!

    That is AWESOME!

    It is so your fault that I now have to go to New York. And post this on my blog.

  2. i want to order your fruit flavor pork jerkey, not spicy, do you do mail order? how much per pound? i am in san francisco,, ca.

  3. how can i order? thanks.

  4. do you sell your pork jerkey by mail order? how much per lb?

  5. Yes, Malaysia Beef Jerky do mail order. They have a website

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