Posted by: Orlick | November 27, 2008

Camp – Brooklyn, NY

Category: Bars
179 Smith St
(between Warren St & Wyckoff St)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 852-8086

Usually any theme will turn me off, especially at the sight of the log cabin door. But, I was coerced in and actually had a pretty good time.

The clientele are harmless and easy to talk to. Much moreso than the bartenders, are there too few or do they just not care?

The set-up makes for a lot of different areas to get lost in, but there seems to be a dead area of the room where the loners tend to stay. Not the loners who you want to break, they are the awkward, lost fraternity brother types.

The dark brown walls, regardless of their make, are nice to the eyes. The wood stumps are good for casually sitting in and rearranging. They have board games to play, and the fireplace is a welcome sight. The label of “Camp” may have negative connotations, but the amenities are actually pretty cool…

The less crowded nights seem like a more campy feel, but why not? I’ve already gone this far.

Camp MySpace page
30+ reviews on


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