Posted by: Orlick | November 25, 2008

JH Food Group Recap – Hornado Ecuatoriano – 11/23/2008

The second meeting was a success! There were a few people from the last meeting at the Yak and some new people who found out about it through this website and through

Hornado was a great place. I was even surprised that everyone liked it so much individually. The food was quite different from Mexican and Colombian, especially in it’s use of corn and not rice.

You can read official reviews of the restaurant based on our experiences here:
Yelp reviews by Steve M. and me

Photos by Steve
Churrasco Marinado


Hornado Plate

Ceviche Mixto with lots of hot salsa and kernels on top


Improvements? There could be one. Half of us were waiting inside the restaurant and half were waiting outside! Miscommunication. I was thinking maybe we could all aim to meet at a related site 20 minutes before we aim to eat dinner. For example, if the cuisine was Indian, maybe we would meet at a Sari shop at 7pm then head over to Jackson Diner at 7.20 (this won’t happen, Jackson Diner is not on the short list of Indian places). This way we could be more active in waiting and assembling, get some more cultural influence, and if people miss it then no big deal – but at least we aren’t static. Something to think about…

Original post:
Ecuador is one of the most highly represented areas in Jackson Heights. The food is very much different from Mexican or Colombian, with different flavors and other uses of corn and fish. For one, the ceviche is cooked… We are attempting to find out the other differences on Sun, Nov 23rd at 7pm at Hornado.

For those of you who wanted Colombian, don’t worry, there’s plenty of places on the queue for the coming months east of 86th street on 37th. Wow, Corona… what a hotbed of authenticity! Some great adventures to be had there.

Let me know if you are interested in the group. I’m trying to expand with new members interested in eating sometimes adventurous, always authentic food and others who just want to meet open-minded people. Send over a comment or a message and I’ll get you in.

Selections from the Menu:
Quimbolitos – sweet tamales
Humitas – another type of sweet tamales
Morocho with Bread – dried cracked corn kernals
Shrimp Coktail – Ceviche
Fish Coktail
Shell Coktail
Mix Coktail Shrimp and Shell
4 en 1 camron, Concha, Pescado, Encebollado
Fried Calamari
Salchipapas – sliced hot dogs and french fries

Hen Soup
Beef Feet Soup
Green Mashed Plantain Ball Soup
Cat Fish Soup
Seafood Soup

Platos Tipicos
Bandera – Large Mixed Plate
Hornado – slow-roasted pork
Morsilla – Blood Sausage
Sancocho – stew or soup
Chaulafan – diced roasted pork fried rice with roast pork
Guata – tripe in peanut sauce
Seco De Chivo – goat stew
Llapingacho – fried, mashed potato mixed with cheese which is generally served with sausage and fried eggs. These are actually potato patties stuffed with cheese, browned on each side and topped off with a peanut sauce…served with fried eggs and blood sausage.
Arroz Con Pollo – chicken and rice

Tuna Fish and Onions
Mixed Tuna Fish and Onions
Potatoes with Pork Skin

Lemon Sorbet
Orange Sorbet
Coconut Sorbet
Tartuto – tartufo?

Some info on Ecuadorian food
JHLife discussion board
Astoria location’s Yelp review
Goodies First review
We probably won’t be ordering it, but give at least 3 days advance notice to order guinea pig
Menu. Prices are slightly more than listed here.



  1. yum. looks delicious. gonna drag my man there next week.

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