Posted by: Orlick | November 22, 2008

The Ramblin’ Pig – Greene, NY – Great BBQ in the Southern Tier

The Ramblin’ Pig
119 River Valley Road
Greene, NY 13778
(607) 656-8003
Category: Barbeque
Originally discovered: Jan 2008

Woahhhh. We have a winner!

I don’t think I have ever had ribs with the smoked flavor that I had at the Ramblin Pig. I’ve always heard stories how smoked was the way to go, I hadn’t actually realized it until I came here.

The menu is 2 pages, but there’s really only ribs, pulled pork or chicken, and brisket; well, that’s why you came here, isn’t it?

At first I questioned the amount of bbq sauce covering my ribs.. Dry rubbed, shouldn’t I see the rub? I lifted it up to see the wet and charred underbelly and I could tell that we were in for a glorious afternoon. It all fell into place when I started eating. Not only the meat, but my fingers tasted soo good. The smoke went right on to them. Thank you for the container full of napkins.

I did not order this. Dont take it out my Que-cred.

I did not order this. Don't take it out on my Que-cred.

This is a must try for any barbecue lover. The space is big and I could not imagine a happier sight than seeing the entire place hopping with 100 generous bbq eaters inside and out. Start it up, I want to see it happen.

Theo’s? You are beat!

Price reductions on their website



  1. what u up to pit its ben long time

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