Posted by: Orlick | November 19, 2008

Brooklyn Social – Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Social
Category: Lounges
Neighborhoods: Brooklyn/Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn/Gowanus
335 Smith St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 858-7758

I really like the Brooklyn Social. Maybe it’s the lack of hipness and the infusion of affluence that makes it appeal to my 26-year old self.

I liked hanging out with my friends here. The space is great, not too small, not so big either. There are about 6 nooks where you can sit comfortably undisturbed, but you can take the front of the bar area where you’re more likely to be cramped and bump into people(if that’s your thing).

The guys that frequent are generally tall and not affronting. The women are pleasing to the eyes. Personalities I cannot attest to, as barriers aren’t as easily broken with straight girls. Not their fault. I dont think people come here to meet people so much as to have a good time with great drinks and their friends.

The music is generally unidentifiable but sits comfortably in the background. I like that a lot. (UPDATE: the music is really good if you listen)

I saw the mint leaves on the bar, so of course I ordered a mint julep. I never pass up the opportunity. You can’t have a bad time with a mint julep in your hand. It’s tested and true. I was impressed by the drinks and the acumen of the bartenders. After reading the other reviews, I see my observations legitimized.

I am usually a beer person. 95 percent of the time. For some reason, the mixeds flow easily here. It’s good to see people who know what they are doing creating the drinks. Why get the standard Guinness? Those ties look like they can fix me something good.

Review from New York Nightlife
Yelp Reviews



  1. what’s up jeff,

    thanks for the comment the other day on the five guys hot dog post. we should trade links, i’ll toss you up right now.

    email me: and we can talk some more food, id love to hear about some of your top places…


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