Posted by: Orlick | November 18, 2008

Hornado Ecuatoriano Menu with translations

This Sunday is the 2nd meeting of the Jackson Heights Food Group. We are going to experience Ecuadorian food at Hornado Ecuatoriano at 76th and Roosevelt in Jackson Heights.

Here is a selection from their menu. The original doesnt have descriptions, so it’s basically a crap shoot for gringos like me sometimes. With some help from my friends, we filled in the mysteries of the menu. Hope this helps understand what to order at an Ecuatorian restaurant.

If you are interested in coming this Sunday or joining the group, send me a message or comment.

Selections from the Menu

Quimbolitos – sweet tamales
Humitas – another type of sweet tamales
Morocho with Bread – dried cracked corn kernals
Shrimp Coktail – Ceviche
Fish Coktail
Shell Coktail
Mix Coktail Shrimp and Shell
4 en 1 camron, Concha, Pescado, Encebollado
Fried Calamari
Salchipapas – sliced hot dogs and french fries

Hen Soup
Beef Feet Soup
Green Mashed Plantain Ball Soup
Cat Fish Soup
Seafood Soup

Platos Tipicos
Hornado – slow-roasted pork
Morsilla – Blood Sausage
Sancocho – stew or soup
Chaulafan – diced roasted pork fried rice with roast pork
Guata – tripe in peanut sauce
Seco De Chivo – goat stew
Llapingacho – fried, mashed potato mixed with cheese which is generally served with sausage and fried eggs. These are actually potato patties stuffed with cheese, browned on each side and topped off with a peanut sauce…served with fried eggs and blood sausage.
Arroz Con Pollo – chicken and rice

Tuna Fish and Onions
Mixed Tuna Fish and Onions
Potatoes with Pork Skin

Lemon Sorbet
Orange Sorbet
Coconut Sorbet
Tartuto – tartufo?


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