Posted by: Orlick | November 16, 2008

Osaka – Brooklyn, NY

Categories: Sushi Bars, Japanese
Neighborhood: Brooklyn/Cobble Hill
originally composed: 12/17/2007, revisited 11/15/2008

I wouldnt recommend going on a date here – too bright. I would recommend going with friends though. The sake flows easily and the staff is gratefully pleasant. Not too big a crowd, the only negative thing about Osaka is the amount of space and the slightly too light mood of the walls.

A friend and I shared the namesake sushi and sashimi for two – because neither one of us is choosy with sushi… yet. It was tremendous. The colors were so bright and heavy. I wish I took a picture of it so I could diagram it on flickr. The sashimi (salmon, mackerel, tuna, giant clam) came in very large pieces and was a textural delight. The sushi was great too; the size was just right, I felt like it belonged in my mouth.

We had so much food! I swear the next morning I had baby fish swimming in my belly.

The menu has a huge selection. Just about everything I read turned me on. I will need many more “next time”s to get a full appreciation of Osaka. How many next times do I need? How many dinner partners have to join me? There are not enough meals in a day…



  1. Great post! yums in my tums: not sure whether you want to venture to hipster brooklyn, in williamsburg, but WOW, Zenkichi is quite good. the pork belly was sublime!

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