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Sapporo Japanese Restaurant – Wantagh, NY – Great Sushi in South Shore LI

Sapporo Japanese Restaurant
3266 Merrick Rd
Wantagh, NY 11793
(516) 785-3853
Category: Japanese
written: 12/13/2007

This has been around the corner from my home for 20 years… and until just recently, I’ve never been there. Word on the street was that it is THE place for sushi but my upbringing didn’t really encourage eating anything raw or even medium rare, so I’d always just walked by it. I’ve visited more than a few times since I’ve crossed into unchartered O. family waters and what I’ve learned is – word on the street has legs.

My only complaint would be that the sushi rolls are too big. This factoid makes me think it’s been americanized. I did put the entire sushi into my mouth like a good sushi-eater, but it was a struggle and I felt like a little kid who doesn’t know any better.
(note: I may have ordered futomaki, which are, by definition, large rolls)

Not only big in bite size, but portions are huge as well. A combination platter is way too big for one. We did it. But my stomach was solid raw and tempura by the end. Prices were fair enough. $15-25 for combination plates. $6-12 for rolls. $2-6 for pieces. For lunch specials, I would happily expect to pay $6-8.

The chefs are very competent and would rank near the top with any traditional sushi chef. Too bad this volcano has no need to erupt. The atmosphere is a little sad, too many combination B’s and not enough bar space. The chef perked right up when I asked for omakase. It’s like 1000 years of rust was taken off this man’s sushi sword. Maybe it gets bustling, but I just haven’t seen it. I hope so. These warriors need to flex.

And, just to remind me that I was still in South Shore Long Island, the middle of our dinner was interrupted when a rough man with his large family uttered “279 dollars for dinner??! We should have just ordered in Chinese.”

It’s good to know where you came from.

Newsday’s Top 10 Sushi Places on Long Island (from
Sushi on Wiki – unbeatable, comprehensive information



  1. I used to go to a Sapporo Japanese Restaurant in New Hyde Park in the early 1980’s. If I recall properly it was on Marcus Avenue just north of Hillside. Do you know if it’s the same restaurant at a new location?

  2. Hey Jim, this one has been there since the 80s, I believe. Not sure if they moved from there.

    here is their number if you want to do some investigating… (516) 785-3853

  3. […] We have our local favs — Merrick Sushi & Tea, a small place with the best specialty rolls and freshest fish; Koban, which has a few dozen rolls on the menu; and last year’s spot, Sapporo, where I ate a roll that came hidden under a mound of saucy salmon and was filled up for days. (Even this guy says they are too big — too “Americanized.”) […]

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