Posted by: Orlick | November 9, 2008

Sushi Go Round Game – I’m addicted

I have no internet connection at my apartment. It’s amazing that in an apartment building of about 30 residences that no one keeps an open connection. How selfish are they?? I’ve been going to the library or outside Rice Ave to get my connection fix.

The other day at the library, this 12 year old kid was playing this really cool looking bullfighting game on the computer next to mine. I looked over, got jealous, and then he saw this and jumped on my laptop and typed in the address for me. The kid was either challenged or Indian or both. He was talking funny and was really excited at all times.

I never play games because I get too addicted and I hate myself when I’m not being productive. All my games are deleted off my computer and I’ve even blocked websites like these at times.

I found a cool game tonight. Sushi Go Round. How could I not play??

Well, you are the sushi chef and you are in charge of your sushi restaurant. Customers come up to the counter and place an order. You then select the ingredients that go in the roll or piece and put it on the conveyor belt for them to get. You have to clear plates and if patrons are starting to get pissed you can give them a bottle of sake. When you are running low on supplies, you have to call up your supplier and they will send you more (pay more if you want it fast). I really felt like a sushi chef! I tried to develop a good relationship with them. I didn’t give them a big greeting when they came in, but I would have if there was a button for it.
Don’t get addicted!
Sushi Go Round


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