Posted by: Orlick | November 8, 2008

Moon House Restaurant – Manhattan Chinatown, NY

Moon House Restaurant
67 Bayard St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 766-9399
Category: Chinese
Neighborhood: Manhattan/Civic Center
Written: 12/12/2007

The 10 foot wide, humble restaurant has a large menu with quality, service and prices that match up with anyone out there.

I jumped at lions head and smoked fish – YES! I ordered so well. Braised noodles were
uninspiring at first, but became addictive after the tenth slurp. Soup dumplings were competitive with any other on the block. Noodles didn’t blow anyone away, but were a good sidekick without a kick.

I have to tell you this: It might be a good idea to skip the bathroom. If you must, you will push through the screen door to the indoor alley and enter a 2×2 bathroom with pretty gnarly conditions. And watch out for the door (clearly labeled) with rat poison inside!

Service was a pleasure, I shouldn’t even question it here. They even told me the recipe for Lion’s Head, and It’s pretty much a meatball. I have terrible memory though, so the secret is safe.

When we left, I noticed Chinatown Ice Cream Factory was right next door. Okay, no problem, almond cookie ice cream.


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