Posted by: Orlick | November 6, 2008

Queens JH Food Group – Nov 23rd – Hornado Ecuatoriano

I’ve been very busy at work and I’ve been out of the writing mood. I keep on thinking back to William Zinsser’s statement in “On Writing Well” that writing is hard. Sometimes you have to force it when you get out of the mood and things don’t flow freely. Things will start to loosen up. ahh, I can feel my mind fingers getting looser now….

You may have heard we had an election on Tuesday. My work time has been occupied with duties of that sort for the past couple of weeks. I strayed away from writing during this time… but now I’m back with an announcement!

The second meeting of the Queens Jackson Heights Food Group will take place on Sunday, November 23rd at Hornado Ecuatoriano on Roosevelt Ave in Jackson Heights.

Jackson Heights has a very strong Ecuadorian community. Hornado is one of the best Ecuadorian restaurants in the area. It is located in the middle of Jackson Heights. These are some of the reasons why this restaurant was chosen. Also, there are many more great examples of Colombian in Corona on 37th ave and we will have fun with that in the coming months I’m sure.

Here is the thread board on

If you are interested, please let me know!


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