Posted by: Orlick | October 27, 2008

Binghamton Bar Recommendations

Gina G. sent me a comment the other day:

I am planning a quick getaway to the Binghamton area and was wondering what the best bar/club would be, for drinks and music. Would love a reponse.

I would consider myself an expert in Binghamton area restaurants, especially for the years 199-2003 when I went to school there. For starters, here is my Great Binghamton List. This is what I learned in college.

Delving in deeper to figure out what she wanted, she wrote me this:

Well I am a 30ish 80’s rocker type…lol. I love live music, top 40 to metal. Looking to have a good time and good food. I live in Mass and really like the dive bars here. There is always a great band that rocks the house. My friend is in a band so he has to be impressed.

I sent this question to a few reviewer friends still in touch with scene,
Here is one response from Patrick:
Cyber Cafe West as best convergence of music/bar
The Belmar as best bar with music (check their myspace page to make sure someone is playing)
I personally would go to Cyber West. Chiller vibe. More beers on tap.

And here is another response from Mariana:
depends on what day of the week she comes. Flash backs has 80’s music all the time (70’s too). The belmar has a great band on wednesdays and sundays and their jukebok is awesome. Good food? Dillinger’s. Uncle Tony’s is full of undergrads and so is the sports bar, so avoide them. Tranquil has the est food (Bistro type) Is she looking for bar food, or gourmet food? Bar food: Thirsty’s. Gourmet: Tranquil. Maybe she needs to hop different bars, but Thirsty;s is pretty good with burgers and hot wings… I guess each bar has their charm.

These are good recommendations. I have to keep in mind that this woman is: 80’s rocker type, in her 30s, into dive bars, and I think would enjoy a sick house band.
Ice House would have been perfect, but that’s gone.
I think cyber cafe might even be a little too chill. That place has all the makings of a great hangout, but I’ve never felt settled in there. the name sucks too.

The belmar might be a good fit. They have bands sometimes that are pretty cool. The space is small though. The other dive bars around like frankies and callahan sportsmens are pretty divey, but I don’t think they have live music.
Flashbacks seems like a great recommendation. I’ve never been in there, never wanted to, but me and Gina are different people, so I think she might be into it if she doesn’t think it’s too fruity.
Tom and Marty’s is nice, just as an Irish bar. Seems a little too mature for the college kid to me. Don’t bother with food from dillingers. I prefer the main street and off-street bars as opposed to the ones by SUNY or on state street.

Hope this helps,
Let me know how it turned out,
With some answers,
Jeff from Jeffrey Tastes



  1. Belmar Wednesday nights!!!

  2. Doing a search for Binghamton Dive Bar brought me here. I figured my site might shed some light on what to do in this post. Thanks!

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