Posted by: Orlick | October 23, 2008

Jackson Heights Food Festival 2008 Wrap-up

Some humble beginnings




KEBAB KING – They tamed down the kebabs for the general tastes. I was a bit disappointed. This was one of the three restaurants I was working with. The kid was really nice and worked very hard all day alone. He told me he has never had American food because it isn’t halal. I felt bad and thought there should be a halal burger joint somewhere. I forgot his name, it may have been Ricky.



MAMA’S EMPANADAS – “Great sign!”

Here was the public seating. There was over 2,000 people there this year. It was impressive. Hopefully next year will be even bigger.

I am trying to take a bigger part in the entire process next year. I was a little late in the game and only helped by putting up posters around town and working the day of the event setting up, helping out a few stands, and cleaning up. It was fun though.

Sammy’s Halal was supposed to be there, but the food carts couldn’t fit through the gates. too bad.

Complete photo set for the food festival
Some pictures from Eating in Translation


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