Posted by: Orlick | October 15, 2008

New Blog Feature: Newest Obsessions

Hey, check out the new widget on the side.

This widget is the most current state of my restaurant-going mood. It has the places I have either heard about recently and are excited to go to or have been going to lately with a lot of zeal. I havent written reviews for these yet on Yelp. My bookmarks are current, but could get a little out of hand (I have much more than 500 bookmarks – when will it stop? (never)).

so, in the current state,
boon chu is my latest thai obsession. Although I’ve heard better things about Ploy Thai a little up the road – the thai situation in Elmhurst/Woodside is crazy. There are so many excellent places here.
Brasilia Ville Ive been to 3 times in the past month. For me, that’s extreme. crazy good rotisserie style brazilian meats and pretty cheap too.
Quays is a bar in Astoria that is pretty close to me and is exactly what I’ve been looking for since I moved to the neighborhood. I almost gave up. Nearly a dive, fun and young people, and can get pretty busy. a bit too far to walk for me, but its good for a bike ride and only 2 subway stops away.
King of Falafel and Schwarma looks awesome. I passed by it last weekend by accident. It gives a really big impression. larger than life. I want that schwarma.
PSC I just read about today. Polish Slavic Center Cafeteria. legit as hell polish food. but I need a translator to navigate. Anyone know Polish?

So this new widget might be a good indication of what is very authentic or has some hype to it. Check them out, do your research, and maybe I will see you there!



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