Posted by: Orlick | October 6, 2008

Vote Best of NYC – Village Voice – Vote by Oct 8th

Vote quick before the polling is over! It’s the Best of New York Reader’s Poll 2008

You must fill out at least 25 entries for your vote to be counted and must be submitted or received by 5 p.m. Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I don’t vote in a regular election (let’s not get into it), but I do vote for my local favorites!

Vote Here

Results will appear in the Village Voice’s October 15th Best of New York issue.

Here are my votes. I don’t even want mine to win, I am more interested in what everyone else thinks is the best. So get your vote going and tell them what’s the best (and tell me too).

Best Public Bathroom for getting it on – Union Pool
Best pizza – New Park Pizza
Best French Fries – Pommes Frites
Best Pastrami – Katz’s
Best Hot Dog – Roebling Pizza
Best Hero – Mama’s / Leos Latticini
Best Hamburger – Donovans
Best Fried Chicken – Buff Patty’s
Best dive in which to hold a conversation – Mars Bar
Most reliable gay bar – Cubbyhole
Best place to grope a bear – Bronx Zoo
Best nightlife blog –


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