Posted by: Orlick | October 3, 2008

Seaford Harbor Delicatessen – Seaford, NY

Seaford Harbor Delicatessen
3623 Bayview St
Seaford, NY 11783
(516) 679-2659
Category: Delis
originally written: 12/07/2007

This brings me back almost 20 years. Late 80’s, I’d go with my father to work on our boat in Seaford Harbor and I’d ultimately watch him in the engine compartment while I held the screwdriver. Lunchtime, we got real homemade iced teas and turkey heroes down the bock at the Harbor Deli. I was 8. I started coming back this week – now in my adult life.

“Meat Cakes. You either love em or you don’t”

Music to my ears. I love anything polarizing. For $1 you get a sphere of meat ground up, mixed and fried. I have no idea what was in there. Must have been pork, corned beef, beef, onions, fat… I have no idea what else. I implore you to dissect this meatball concoction.

crab cake

crab cake

From the outside, what you see are truckdrivers, endangered baymen, construction people and mostly locals walking in. Looking closer at the food, you can see most of their food is made in-house. The crab cakes are made in the back, along with cream cheese, soups and many of the other foods they serve hot and cold (including one of the my most satisfying St. Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbages ever).

They stay in business because they’ve always been there. I’d say the food is German and Irish influenced, like the community.

I don’t see anything sponsored. Nothing is assumed expected when you walk in. It is the Seaford Harbor Deli. It’s always been here. They’ll make food for you.


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